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Neal/Swanfire unanswered questions


1.Why didn’t Neal acknowledge Emma kept their car after she got out of jail?

2.How did Emma even know where the car was once she got out?

3.Did Neal leave it in the parking lot near the prison?

4.What was the point in Charley’s girl during their seperate scenes in NYC?

5. Was that their…

great post

I love that Leopold went from wanting a marriage based on love to marrying the 18 year old daughter of his ex-fiancée against her will.


He’s really supposed to be a kind and fair man?

Did he know that she didn’t want to marry him? Most 18 year old girls in that time period would have loved to marry a king (regardless of his age) and become the queen of an entire kingdom.


Am I the only one who thinks that hook is working for the WWW. 

it can’t be a coincidence that when hook and emma first reached the storm cellar, that it was hook who didn’t want to go in at that time and said that they needed backup. and when they came back, the cellar had been opened and rumple was gone.

i smell something fishy.


"I can’t live in this town if Henry doesn’t remember me. It’s worst than any curse I could cast."


Really Regina? You’re really gonna go there?

What you are experiencing is a little thing called karma!!!

Regina cursed hundreds of people by forcefully separating them, made their lives hell,…

sooooooooo true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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