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Am I the only one who thinks that hook is working for the WWW. 

it can’t be a coincidence that when hook and emma first reached the storm cellar, that it was hook who didn’t want to go in at that time and said that they needed backup. and when they came back, the cellar had been opened and rumple was gone.

i smell something fishy.


"I can’t live in this town if Henry doesn’t remember me. It’s worst than any curse I could cast."


Really Regina? You’re really gonna go there?

What you are experiencing is a little thing called karma!!!

Regina cursed hundreds of people by forcefully separating them, made their lives hell,…

sooooooooo true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freeze/Frame/ Screen/Kisses/: The thing that bothered me about the tv show Smallville (there are...


The thing that bothered me about the tv show Smallville (there are other stuff like writing, treatment of other characters, etc but this one is the biggest thing) is that it felt to me Clark didn’t love Lois. Okay, he did…but not love love. Like if he had the choice to still be with Lana it would…

i agree with the op. that was one of my biggest problems with the show as well. 

it was like had lana not became living kryptonite, then her and clark would have kept on their sickening love roller coaster forever. lois was basically relegated to second choice, and i hate that.

they should have had clark choose lois before lana became a literal poison to him. 

More Man of Steel thoughts

As I have always enjoyed the character of Clark Kent, I hope that the movie  does not do away with it.

By this, I do not mean the bumbling clumsy Clark Kent disguise, but the investigative reporter, the guy who has a job and friends and goes to the baseball game with Perry and Jimmy. The character of Superman that is more than just a superhero, but is a man, one who can chill out in his apartment and watch a good football game.

I guess what I am saying is that I hope that the movie doesn’t turn Clark/Superman into just a hero who is always isolated from society, lonely and brooding.

And having the glasses wouldn’t hurt either.

Man of Steel thoughts

I am really afraid that “Man of Steel” is going to wind up a really depressing movie.

I am all for a serious emotional film, but I just hope that Clark is going to be happy at some point in it. In all of the previews lately, Henry Cavill looks like he’s in agony, or sad, or somber. 

I hope that after the battle and everything, Clark can have a smile on his face, teeth and all. Cause the whole brooding thing is Batman, not Superman. At least not to me.

Marie-Eve M.: Cheating is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!


i know that everyone’s all “oh poor bass, his life sucks” and everything but are we going to gloss over the fact that this guy was sleeping with his best friends girlfriend/fiancee behind his back?

like no, i don’t like women who cheat, and i don’t like ‘best friends’ who betray…

but the whole bass and emma thing happened way before any of the crap miles did when he got older, as far as we know at least. 

so bass really started this whole douchery, and that is why i don’t feel that bad for him. i mean it was his best friend’s fiancee. thats just dirty.


As a certain 13-year-old was once fond of saying, that’s just what we do.

#yes A+ writers you picked a line dick said once when m’gann wasn’t even in the room #NAW REALLY YOU COULD HAVE SPUN ‘I’LL MANAGE’ SOME WAY TO FIT THE CONVERSATION

“I’ll manage” was actually way more fitting.

As a certain 13-year-old was once fond of saying, “We’ll manage.”

Or something like that.

i agree with everything you’ve just said. they really should’ve used “i’ll manage, or “we’ll manage”. whats wrong with those guys. smh.

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